Guest Post: Luna Ballantyne and her new novel, Freedom (18+ only please)

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Luna Ballantyne is 39 years old and very happily single. She lives in a fabulous apartment overlooking the river in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, and has three loves in life; men, sex and her wonderful friends. She is living proof that women really can ‘have it all’they just need to redefine what ‘all’ means.

Taking inspiration from her real life experiences, Luna has recently released Freedom, The Sensual Liaisons Series Book One. The first in a series of erotic romances and is busy working on the second one which will be released in 2015. Luna has always maintained that her leading man is a work of fiction although many have claimed he is based on them!

As well as being a novelist, she also owns an extremely successful chain of lingerie stores and is soon to star in her own no-holds-barred T.V. Reality show.

She is the pen name of Author Ingrid Hall


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“She couldn’t help wonder more than a little wistfully what Pete was doing right now? Whether he was missing her or whether he too was planning on celebrating his first official night of freedom by having
sex with a random stranger.”

Newly divorced and after spending years trapped in a soul-less marriage, Zara Cockburn is ready for anything and intends to make full use of the naughty little kit of sex toys, lubricants and condoms that her friends have put together for her. This is HER night, HER freedom night, a once in a lifetime kind of night.

A night of fulfilled prophecies

A night of sexual deviance with a handsome and hypnotic stranger

A night that will end in a “special request” that she will find herself yielding to.

It is also a night in which she will unwittingly become embroiled in the twisted mindgames of a time-travelling highwayman and a young woman executed for witchcraft in 17 Century England.

Who is the Highwayman and what does he need from her? Will Zara seal her fate or gain her coveted Freedom? One thing’s for certain; her life will never be the same again.

Freedom is the first in a series of erotic romances chronicling the journey of the highwayman as he makes his way back to the young woman who holds the key to his heart.


‘Time travel, what can I say. I love it in all its forms. I do, however, have to say that I

had never read one quite like this. Luna not only understands female sexuality, but has

managed to get into the brains and loins of the male psyche as well, in a totally believable

and realistic manner.

Freedom is not only a wonderful time travel story set in Newcastle, England, today and

1636, but has witches and erotica. Sex is integral to the story as The Highwayman is

cursed with being a gigolo, a role that isn’t always a curse to him, as when he meets Zara

who is celebrating her divorce with the hopes of a wild, steamy freedom night.

The story left me satisfied, yet wanting more. I want to know what fate awaits Max and

wished to learn more about his cursor, Elizabetha. I needed more of her and hope that

when “Compromised – The Sensual Liaisons Series Book 2” comes out in 2015, I get it.’

Denis Higgins


‘Got time on your hands? So has the highwayman. Spend a sizzling sex session with the

suave and dangerous Max aka the Bastard of Bilbao. As Zara sets out on her ‘Freedom’

night – to celebrate her divorce from staid ex-husband Pete – she finds herself tangled up

in the web of the mysterious Max. Pulled from the flames of a burning pub, Max whisks

Zara away on a raunchy week-long sexual odyssey of self-discovery. Zara soon finds that

there is more to Max than meets the eye. Raunchy sex, time-travel and a twisted love

that stretches back into the dark days of the Newcastle witch trials – Zara’s life will never

be the same again as she looks beneath the mask of the time-travelling highwayman.

The first in a series of erotic fiction, Freedom introduces the character of Giraldo de

Logrono otherwise known as the Bastard of Bilbao the swashbuckling adventurer, sexual

mercenary and time-travelling highwayman.’

Lenora, Haunted Palace Blog


‘Girls, forget Christian Grey – there is a new fantasy man in town!

Set in the Newcastle of today and the 17th Century, Freedom is a book about the liberation

of a newly divorced woman and her liberator, Max the highwayman. Hell bent on a one night

stand with a handsome stranger, the leading lady is no shrinking violet and she has a

very naughty ‘kit’ to prove it! She definitely finds what she is looking for and embarks on

a no-holds barred sexual journey of discovery… and so do we, the reader!

More than this though, it is a story of forbidden lust that is acted upon with dire

consequences… for whom? You will just have to read the book to find out!

All in all, a racy little page turner that left me wanting more and eager to read the next


Donna Williams



‘The kit, being a spacious, but discreet, black toiletry bag containing a realistic looking

seven inch dildo, cat ‘o’ nine tails, leather cuffs, nipple clamps, clit clip, quilted blindfold,

red crotch-less knickers, lube, and an assortment of condoms. Even though Zara had

helped prepare these kits on numerous occasions in the past for friends who were

divorcing, she couldn’t help blushing at the thought of what she was expected to do with

the items that her friends had so lovingly provided!’


‘It is enough for now to just understand that you will go voluntarily with him when the

moment is right. That while some of his requests may seem a little bizarre, he won’t take

anything from you unless it is freely given, and he will always give something of equal

value in return. With Margaret, it was a child she desperately craved and which her

husband was unable to give her. With Olivia, it was the sense of balance that she felt in

finally being able to straighten the bed sheets after her husband’s own foolish and much

talked about discretion….

“What about me?” Zara asked intrigued’


A review! A review!

My very first review for my book has been posted.

Have a look here

I am, for once, lost for words.. I have waited so long for a review, I had forgotten what the word meant, and then my first is a good one. I think I might have to treat myself to a bag of chips!

Michael 🙂

The Diary of Nicholas Oldman

The Diary of Nicholas Oldman FRONT eBook

When the sun had almost reached the western 
horizon, I turned around and looked back, my 
footprint’s snaked off into the distance and were 
lost from sight. The first footprint’s of man.” 

In April 2014, Nicholas Oldman goes 
to bed after his fortieth birthday 
party and mysteriously disappears. 
His diary is discovered in 1974. 

The first book of pages from The 
Diary of Nicholas Oldman tells the 
tale of his first months as the only 
human being on the planet. 
In a place so vastly different from the 
world he has come from, Nicholas must 
overcome far more than a hostile Earth.

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To ‘resin’ your scorpion… or not!

Who needs to start their day with a scorpion set in resin? Not me. Even if it is part of a beautiful set of bugs and insects set into perfect resin displays, which I can collect for 24 months at a reasonable price of 9.99 (first part special price of 1.99. Sheesh!). The advertisement, aimed at budding entomologists (or collectors of the macabre, take your pick), reminded me of a story I heard when I was a teenager.

My uncle, after several pints and an hour on his fiddle, told us a story about a workmate of his, who went to Saudi Arabia on a job for the telecommunications company they both worked for, some time back in the late seventies I think. Being a man of the mountains and caves, rock-climbing a passionate hobby, the vast open deserts of the middle east were quite a shock to his keen sense of ‘height’.

‘Everything’s so flat!’ I could almost hear him cry as he stuffed his ropes and carabiners back in his kitbag in disgust. Later that night, things would become a little flatter still.

Now, as you probably know, rock-climbing and beer-drinking go together like strawberries and cream (please, never at the same time). Whereas a party of mountaineers will make a descent back to basecamp, a party of rock-climbers will always make their descent to the nearest basepub. So, our hero not only finds himself in a land flatter than a blanche cider with not even a boulder in sight, he also can’t find anywhere to purchase the said blanche cider, being in this land of prohibition as he was. A battered pewter tankard is then thrown back into the kitbag as tears stream down his large, bearded face.

The rock-climber is a canny and resourceful beast however, and it wasn’t long before our hero made the acquaintance of the local – what shall we call him? Entrepreneur? It’s as good enough a name as any – the local entrepreneur, who after much haggling, shekkle swapping and goat bartering, told him of a small ‘secret’ place, hidden some way off in the desert. A place of smoke and mystery… and beer.

That night saw him and his ‘guide’ (entrepreneur by day), set off at twilight and make their way to a small huddle of tents in the middle of nowhere. As soon as they entered the largest of the tents, and our hero’s eyes had adjusted to the smoky, dim atmosphere, a little man of wide proportions greeted them with a huge sickle-moon smile, all teeth and good humour. They were seated at a small, low table, on a nest of cushions and the ‘beer’ began to flow. It wasn’t exactly beer and it wasn’t exactly a spirit, but it was strong and thick and dark-brown, and was usually served in small, elegant glasses, not pint-sized pewter tankards.

After a few of these, the mist began to clear and our hero could see that the place was filled with ‘westerners’, all doing the same thing, escaping from the day by hiding under a beer-blanket (or whatever-the-stuff-was blanket). It wasn’t long before he noticed a small boy wandering from table to table, obviously selling something. The boy approached our hero’s table.

“You like art mister? You want to buy my art? Pressed scorpion, beautiful. Big frame, small frame, I do all.”

I would imagine there would be another sickle-moon smile accompanying this presentation.

Our hero thought that a pressed scorpion would be the ideal gift (for somebody), there was always someone who loved pressed flowers and the like, so he bought two for the appropriately extortionate price that you would expect a grateful vendor of such an exquisite art to charge. What a skill he (whoever the artist was) must possess to be able to preserve such a fantastically weird creature, turning it into an art form.

A few more tankards and our hero was on his way back to his billet, thoroughly satisfied with his evening and his purchases.

The following morning, after the usual nastiness of a heavy drinking session had lessened and he was able to get out of bed, a colleague of our hero’s noted his pallor.

“So you went out to the ‘desert’ last night then? I see you met Ahmed.”


“Ahmed. The young boy with the big smile. Sold you something.”

“Oh aye. Yea, nice little fella.”

“Oh, he is. He’s turned the necessary rounding up of scorpions into a little business, does everyone a service. Everyone here gets rid of scorpions when they can, some of the bigger scorpions can kill a grown man, so they pay particular attention to keeping the little devils out of the village. Ahmed is an expert at catching them. Once he’s found one, he chases it down and then snaps it up between  two pieces of glass. He then seals the glass and sells the pieces as ‘art’ to tourists. Apparently he’s made a small fortune.” (Although my uncle never mentioned, I am pretty sure that the colleague was smirking as he cooked breakfast.)

Our hero jumps to his feet and rushes to his room. Sitting on the desk are the two pieces of ‘art’. The previous nights excesses threatened to come up violently as he stared down at the mangled corpses of the exploded scorpions.

“Do you want tomatoes with your scrambled eggs?”